1 1/2 c. Water, lukewarm
1 3/4 tsp. Sugar
1 pkg. Yeast
1 1/2 tsp. M-K Seasoned Salt
4 to 4 11/2 c. Flour
1/2 tsp. M-K Ground Thyme
1/2 tsp. M-K Ground Basil
1/2 tsp. M-K Ground Marjoram
1/2 tsp. M-K True Extract of Lemon
1/4 c. Margarine, softened
1 Egg Yolk, lightly beaten with 1 tsp. water

Combine 1/4 cup lukewarm water, 1/2 tsp. sugar and the yeast. Let stand in warm place until mixture bubbles. Dissolve the M-K Seasoned Salt in the remaining 1 1/4 cups water. Add remaining sugar and 1 1/2 cups flour. Mix well. Add the yeast mixture and beat until well combined. Add all M-K herbs, M-K Lemon Extract, margarine, and 2 cups flour. Mix dough until it comes away from the sides of the bowl. (Add more flour if necessary) Let rest 10 minutes. Knead dough thoroughly on floured pastry board for about 10 minutes until dough is smooth and elastic. Transfer dough to greased bowl, turning dough so it is coated on all sides. Cover with a dish towel and let rise in warm place for about 1 hour or until double in bulk. Punch down, then knead briefly on floured board. Place in buttered loaf pan, cover and let rise for another hour or until dough doubles and comes to the top of the pan. Pai nt the loaves with the egg yolk glaze. Bake about 50 minutes at 350°. Remove from pan. Loaves should sound hollow when thumped on bottom crust. Makes one 9 X 5 inch loaf.

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